rental terms and conditions

Rentals are available within the greater city limits of Winnipeg only.  You must reside in this area to rent from Henry Kreindler and Associates.

This agreement shall be part of the rental contract and shall be deemed in force upon signing by Customer.
The following are the terms and conditions that apply to the rental of equipment from Henry Kreindler (HKA). By accepting equipment furnished under this agreement, the Customer whose name appears on this agreement accepts and agrees to these terms and conditions. Any modification to the terms and conditions must be in writing and signed by Henry Kreindler.

All prices are based on Customer pickup from Henry Kreindler located at 181 St. Cross Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The person signing warrants that he/she is the Customer or an authorized representative of the Customer. With a signature and/or or email correspondence of QUOTE ACCEPTANCE, Customer agrees to the Rental Terms and Conditions stated herein.

Identification: A valid Credit Card must be held on file and presented at time of rental. If you authorize a second-party to pick up on your behalf, please notify us prior to pickup. We require a valid photo ID and one other valid ID document. There will be no exceptions to the above requirements.

Equipment as referred to herein shall include all related accessories, and other items to be delivered as specified on the attached RENTAL CONTRACT and invoice.


• The Equipment is and shall remain at all times the sole and exclusive property of HKA. The Customer agrees not to remove or cover the tag or nameplate on the Equipment showing ownership by HKA.
• The Customer agrees to keep and maintain all of the rental equipment in good condition and assumes full responsibility for all the equipment and accessories until the rented items are returned.
• The Customer agrees to admit Henry Kreindler or any employee or agent of HKA to enter the premises under which equipment is kept for the purposes of checking the condition of the company’s equipment and/or for repossessing the equipment in the event the Customer is in default of any term of the Agreement whatsoever.

Risk and Insurance

• The Customer shall immediately insure the said Equipment for its full value against loss, or damage by fire, theft, water, acts of vandalism, or acts of God, with a qualified, reputable insurance company and shall deliver said insurance policy to HKA, together with the receipt for the premiums there under.
     o HKA must be listed on the policy as “Additionally Insured and Loss Payee” with respects to the equipment rented
     o If HKA, by reason of such insurance, shall receive any sum or sums of money, such amounts may be retained and applied by HKA towards the repair or replacement of the said Equipment, or it may remove the damaged Equipment and, in lieu thereof, substitute other Equipment of like kind and quality and any such Equipment whether repaired or substituted, shall be subject to all the terms, provisions and conditions herein.
• In the event of any loss or damage to the rented equipment the Customer agrees to pay the rental rate during the period of time HKA is deprived of the equipment and until such time as it is repaired and/or replaced. The Customer agrees that the value of the rented equipment, in the event of damage and/or loss requiring replacement rather than repair of said equipment is the replacement value as determined by the manufacturer’s list price at the time of said loss.
• The Customer herby assumes full responsibility for the Equipment rented and agrees to compensate HKA to the extent of the full value should any item of said Equipment not be returned or be returned in a damaged or broken condition, due to any cause whatsoever.
• In the event that the Customer is unable to provide documentation listing HKA as Additionally Insured and Loss Payee with respects to the equipment rented, they will be required to provide HKA with a valid credit card on which a hold can be placed for the value of the equipment.
     o Once the equipment is returned in good working order, and pass inspections and tests the hold that is placed on   the credit card will be reversed.
     o If the equipment is not returned or is returned in less than good working order the Customer’s credit card will be charged for the amount of the missing or damaged equipment.
• Customer assumes all risk in the use and operation of rented Equipment and shall be responsible for providing proper safety devices and equipment to safeguard users or operators of the Equipment herein rented and for installation of the Equipment in safe and adequate facilities, in order to comply with all Federal, provincial, and Local laws or regulations, and all industry standards.

Cancellation of Order

• In the event of cancellation, HKA requires written notice at least 48 hours in advance of the order’s scheduled pickup/delivery. Charges may apply in event that HKA has prepared the order, or if HKA incurred costs for securing the equipment on Customer’s behalf. HKA shall be entitled to compensation for any losses sustained because of full or partial cancellation of order. Restock fee for cancelled orders will be 50% of the order total.

Delivery and Acceptance of Equipment

• Customer hereby warrants that any person which it directs or allows to receive equipment from HKA and who shall sign for acceptance of said equipment is authorized by Customer to do so. Customer herein waives any obligation on the part of HKA to confirm said person’s authority to act on behalf of customer.
• In the event equipment is shipped to Customer, Customer’s failure to notify HKA of any defects or problems with equipment within 12 hours of receipt shall be conclusively deemed as acknowledgement that all equipment has passed customer approval and is in good working order.
• Rental of all Equipment must be paid for the period of time it is in the Customer’s custody and until its return to HKA. No allowance will be made for unused Equipment.
• The rental period shall cover all time consumed in transporting the equipment, including the date of legal pickup/delivery to a public carrier for transit to the Customer. Upon return of the equipment, the date of legal delivery by such carrier to HKA, or if no public carrier is used, shall include the date upon which transit to the Customer begins and the date upon which transit from the Customer ends at HKA’s office.
• When required, HKA shall arrange for shipment of rental equipment to Customer and any and all shipment costs incurred by HKA shall be a charge included against Customer’s account.


• Terms are NET PAYMENT IN FULL DUE ON PICKUP/DELIVERY of Equipment. For schools or established organizations, terms are NET30 days from date of invoice subject to credit department approval. Payments are delinquent 30 days from date of invoice. You will be charged interest at the rate of 1.5 percent per month for all past due balances. For all unpaid balances over 60 days customer would be in jeopardy of losing any trade discounts that were applied to the invoice.

Customer Responsibilities

• If the Customer shall default on any of the terms, covenants and conditions herein, or in punctually making any rental or other payment, or in any execution or other writ or process shall be issued in any action or proceeding against the Customer, whereby the said Equipment may be seized or taken or distained, or if a proceeding in bankruptcy, receivership or insolvency shall be instituted by or against the Customer, or his property, or if the Customer shall enter into any arrangement or composition with his creditors, or in the event that any judgment is obtained against the Customer, then and in any such event, HKA shall have the right to terminate this agreement and to retake immediate possession of said Equipment and, for such purpose, HKA, its agents or employees, may enter any premises where said Equipment may be, and may remove the same there from, or with or without force and with or without notice of being liable in any suit, action or other preceding by the Customer.
• The Customer agrees to pay all reasonable attorney’s fees and costs incurred by HKA in protecting it rights or property under this agreement or in any action or proceeding against the Customer for a breach of this agreement.
• In no event, under no circumstances, shall HKA be responsible or liable to Customer or anyone else for any damages, including lost profits, lost savings or other direct or indirect, incidental or consequential damages arising out of the use or inability to use any equipment rented or the alleged breach of any agreement described herein, even in the event that HKA’s agents have been advised of possibility of such damages.
• Acceptance by HKA of the return of rented equipment does not waive any claims that the company may have against the Customer for patent, latent or hidden damage to the equipment. HKA shall have a reasonable period of time after return of said equipment to discover said damages.
• This Agreement and all the rights and liabilities of the parties hereto shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Province of Manitoba.

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