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technical links – Phono Playback, Collecting and Restoration

001  Turntable History – from Enjoy the Music.
002  Cartridge History – a very good article from Enjoy the Music.
003  Turntable System Setup – A good article by Laura Dearborn
004  Turntable Basics Advice Page – A nice page on turntable basics.
005  Adjustments and alignments of turntable, cartridge and arm – by Rudolf A. Bruil –  wonderfully illustrated.
006  Stereo Disc Recording – An excellent animated explanation of how a stereo  groove is cut and how a stylus tracks.
007  How to Safely Ship 78rpm Records – an excellent article with photos from Brian  Wright.
008  Packing Old 78 RPM Phonograph Records for Shipment – another good article  on packing & shipping
009  Emile Berliner – The Birth of the recording industry
010  Andy McFadden’s Recordable CD FAQ – Another great CDR info site.
011  Rane Pro Audio Reference – Lots of useful info about sound.
012 Tape Recording Concepts – Very nice illustrations and information on tape recorders



general interest links – Phono Playback, Collecting and Restoration

001  Association for Recorded Sound Collections – “Founded in 1966, the  Association for Recorded Sound Collections (ARSC) is a non-profit organization  dedicated to research, study, publication, and information exchange surrounding  all aspects of recordings and recorded sound.”
002  Canadian Antique Phonograph Society – Lots of good articles.
003  Wolverine Antique Music Society – Lots of really good technical and general info  about 78’s.
004  The Victor-Victrola Page – Lots of info about the Victrola.
005  The 78rpm Record Home Page – Lots of good articles and links.
006  Tim’s Phonographs and Old Records – Lots of good articles and links on 78’s.
007  Audiotools – Links and info on hi-fi manufacturers and products
008  The Vintage Knob – Info on vintage audio equipment.
009  The Analogue Dept. – Lots of info about vinyl.
010  Analogue Classics – An interesting site about turntables.
011  Dismuke Virtual Talking Machine – Vintage phonograph recordings 1900 – 1939
012  Classic Audio – An excellent Marantz Audio site.
013 All But Forgotten Oldies – Find Your Favorite Oldies Music Here
014 Dual Turntables Reference – Lots of good photos and info



other links – Friends and Other Favorites