About Us

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our mission
“to provide the highest quality services to professional and non-professional users of recorded materials”

At Henry Kreindler and Associates (HKA), we specialize in the transfer, restoration, and enhancement of analogue and digital audio. With years of expertise in the live- and recorded- music fields, we offer a complete audio-processing and editing service. We process your cherished old records and tapes and deliver a “cleaned-up” and immaculate version on CD.

HKA employs state-of-the-art technology and customized proprietary methods to transfer and restore audiovisual media. We utilize cutting-edge digital-processing tools and techniques, and are dedicated to continuously improving our methods and knowledge by incorporating the latest research.

HKA is about superlative service. We demonstrate this not just by maintaining outstanding standards of excellence, but by offering exceptional levels of personal attention and proactive customer support. With our innovative and customized practices, we strive to fulfill your specific needs.

Our goal is to provide our clients with professional-quality solutions – whether for home or professional playback. At HKA, we are committed to ensuring that you derive the most from your music.

who we are
HKA is a Winnipeg-based business, owned and operated by Henry Kreindler. With the collaboration of a number of other talented technicians and suppliers, HKA will provide transfer, restoration, and consulting services of the highest quality at a reasonable cost. Whether you want a 78 record cleaned and restored, or a special version of a song for your dance group, we are the people who can do the job right.

In restoring audio media, our basic principle is to remove as much noise as possible without altering the original recording. Audio restoration is always a trade-off: you can get rid of all the noise, but the result will be a lifeless, dull-sounding restoration. If absolute fidelity to the original sound is not paramount, more radical alteration and enhancement can be provided. Our goal is to optimize the sound quality without adulterating the authenticity of the recording. For more information, please refer to the section on sound enhancement.

henry kreindler bio
I started out as an electronics technician, sound engineer, and sound system designer in 1970. For several years I designed, built, and installed sound systems for live rock bands, discos, and houses of worship. At the same time, I was very involved in the live-music recording industry. In the 1980’s I owned and managed Banquox Sound – one of the largest pro-audio rental companies in Western Canada, providing services for a vast array of artists and events, ranging from Tina Turner to the Winnipeg Folk Festival. In 1987, I also designed and established one of Winnipeg’s first commercial MIDI studios. In the mid 1990’s I worked as the technical administrator for such Broadway shows as Show Boat, Phantom of the Opera and Kiss of the Spider Woman. My professional path has given me decades of invaluable experience with an enormous range of musical genres, including rock, jazz, blues, New Age, punk, gospel, R & B, ethnic, classical and musical theatre.

I have been involved in digital audio since 1994. I developed an interest in preserving and restoring LP and 78 records upon witnessing people discarding huge amounts of older music media. Given my extensive experience with recording equipment and computers, and the advent of digital music-editing, I have found audio restoration to be a natural fit. Audio restoration has allowed me to bring together my deep love of music and my appreciation of technology.