HKA Get Records Cleaned


HKA Get Records Cleaned

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Clean your records professionally

If your record has collected any dust, chances are the dust has reached the bottom of the grooves. When you play your record, the stylus is riding the bottom and playing back noise created by the dust. The ratio of noise to music is determined by how much dirt there is in the grooves.
A record cleaning brush such as the very popular Discwasher does not remove very much of this dust or other dirt that may be on your record. Most manual record cleaners only move the dirt around – and have very little effect, if any. What you are doing – is moving the noise around.

HKA-RC1 You clean the record yourself, the cost per record   3.00
HKA-RC2 We clean the record, the cost per record   5.00
HKA-RC3 Learn to clean record professionally   5.00

Please see our Record Cleaning page for more information.


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