My pics past and present is a collection of photos dating back as far as the 1980’s.  Many of these depict my working environment, colleagues and friends in the sound industry.

Vintage audio equipment is a collection of photos, brochures and articles relating to sound and music, dating back as far as the late 1940’s.

Visual treasures in Winnipeg is a growing collection of beautiful murals, sculptures and other art forms available by walking around various areas of the city.  I have started collecting these images very recently – but many of them have been around for a long time.

Music scene 1950’s to 80’s is a collection of articles and photos about the pop music scene in Winnipeg.

Audio media preservation is a series of articles and links about the proper handling and care of records and tapes.  Also included are articles from various experts in the field about preservation and restoration of these materials.

Rare recordings and clips is a collection of live and special recordings that I had participated or collected over the past forty years. The sound quality on some may have been inferior, but the content was important.

Live sound online: useful stuff is a a subject very dear to me.  It includes a large collection of educational material available online.  I am constantly amazed at all the resources that have been made available since the dawn of the Internet.  This page will also contain a great deal of material going back to the start of modern live sound engineering.

Uncategorized stuff is a page that contains interests that would not exactly fit in the other sections.  Most items will be music or sound related.