archiving / transfer

Audio archiving / transfer is another form of duplicating. It is the process of duplicating or moving a recording from an older format to a newer, more stable format for future use. This transfer does not involve restoration or enhancement. It is simply for the purpose of preservation.

The reasons for transfer are threefold. First, there is the failure of the medium. The disc or tape sitting on the shelf is self destructing because of damage we do to it or allow to happen. Secondly, technical obsolescence has prevented use of the medium because of parts replacement shortages or training required to use this equipment. Thirdly, every time a piece of recorded media is put on a machine there’s the potential or the fact that damage will occur to it.

The most common and convenient new format is the CD. This format is current, inexpensive and very stable. Almost everyone owns or has access to a CD player. It is estimated that the life of a good quality CD is 50 to 100 years. For our purposes, this is long enough – until a newer and better format is created.

If you or your organization have a large number of fragile or obsolete format music media that you would like to keep for the future – now is the time to do it. It has never been easier and less expensive to have this done. For more information on archiving or preservation, please see our links page.

We provide professional quality custom archiving and transfers for:

•business with older format music / sound collections
• Private music collections
• public and private radio
• schools and colleges with older format music and educational media
• dance schools
• fitness facilities
• cultural organizations

Some of our audio archiving / transfer services include:

• transfer from older to current media
• assemble custom collections on newer media
• transfer to different formats to suit current usage (eg transfer from 78 to DAT)
• archive and create client library for future use
• we use Taiyo Yuden CDR media and high quality cases
All transfers are done digitally. The finished product is provided on CD. Other formats are also available (please inquire). The CD or other format will be labeled with information provided by you.

For archiving and transfers there are two pricing structures. If you are archiving or transferring music from an old format such as a 78, LP or reel-to-reel tape, please use our restoration price list – and use the transfers column for price.

If you are archiving or transferring other type of content or media, please see the price list below:

Please click here to see the formats we    ACCEPT / TRANSFER