Audix “wired” APS-911 Power Supply w/Lavalier or Headset Microphone System


Audix “wired” APS-911 Power Supply w/Lavalier or Headset Microphone SystemBX1063

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The system consists of the APS-911 power supply and a variety of microphones – including the L5 lavalier omni microphone and/or the HT2 and HT5 headset microphones.  This is used where wireless is not required and the microphones will be plugged directly into a mixer or preamp.  A 25ft. XLR cable is supplied

The Audix L5 Micro-Sized Lavalier Microphone features a miniature profile with a capsule measuring just 5mm, and a cardioid polar pattern for minimizing off-axis feedback and noise. The L5 includes a 3′ (91.44cm) cable with a mini XLR termination for use with Audix RAD360 wireless bodypack transmitters. Its sensitivity, frequency response and noise characteristics make it well suited for use in theater applications, broadcast, performances, video shoots, interviews and more.  Uniformly controlled cardioid polar pattern helping to provide isolation and feedback control where applicable.  Ideally suited for broadcast and live sound applications for speech, interview, presentation, theatrical production, and instruments.  Accurately capture and reproduce vocals from a comfortable distance of 4-8 inches or for close miking acoustic instruments from a distance of 1-2 inches.

The black HT2 from Audix is a professional pre-polarized headworn microphone with a supercardioid polar pattern that is designed for live stage, presentation, and broadcast applications. It can be used when paired with the Audix RAD360 wireless (sold separately) to capture vocals from a comfortable distance of 2 to 3″ off of the corner of the mouth.
The headworn microphone has a frequency response of 50 Hz to 15 kHz and can handle very-high sound pressure levels without distortion. It is easy to position, lightweight, and has roadworthy construction. Built with a rubber coated metal frame and a high-performance 5 mm capsule, it includes a 3′ cable that terminates with a mini 3-pin XLRF connector.
In addition, a foam windscreen for reducing wind, sibilance, and pop noise is also included.

The Audix HT5 is a professional omnidirectional headworn microphone with excellent audio reproduction and a slim profile. The HT5 is ideal for an array of applications such as presentation, music performances, fitness instruction, broadcasts and more.
The omnidirectional polar pattern provides a uniform frequency response while providing excellent off-axis rejection, eliminating residual noise, feedback etc. Its flat frequency response is tailored to accurately capture the tonal quality of vocals while minimizing low frequency noise and rumble. The HT5’s slim profile is unobtrusive and ideal for stage and broadcast applications.

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