audio restoration

. . . is the process of “repairing”  the sound from an LP record or tape and transferring this “cleaned up” version to a more current format, such as a CD.

This transfer may incorporate various degrees of sound improvement including the reduction of various types of noise such as hiss, hum, clicks  and pops.

The above process does not change or alter your original LP record or tape  in any way.

You will get back your original LP, cleaned and sounding better than when you sent it to us, along with a CD containing the newly  transferred contents.

If you send a tape for restoration, the tape will be returned to you in the same condition in which we received it.

The process of restoring these recordings is labor intensive and technically sophisticated.  We use standardized and proprietary methods to insure the

highest quality playback during the analog-to-digital transfer (please see our equipment and our process).